Saturday, April 29, 2017

In the beginning...

...there was this.

None of this shit is mine. Bruh.
So much for move-in ready... gotta love renting off Craigslist.

But my questionable housing choices aside, there's work to be done -- let's get started:

Welcome aboard! 
Join me in my voyage aboard my new landlocked vessel, the Shandy Dandy : a 250 sqft studio shipwreck surrounded by a 1000sqft ocean of sand/dirt/cement. In this blog, I will attempt to pillage and pirate this slummy sub/urban plot and convert it into a vegetable hacking laboratory and edible oasis. Not quite a homestead, yet: but we'll get there.

The rest of the crew is small, but mighty. And slightly derp.

First Mate "Grey Weiner" Greyson.

But we manage.
Let the journey begin --